Wonder Lake Dredging 2015
Dredging in White Oaks Bay
Lake users are encouraged be to extra cautious to avoid pipeline.
No-wake boating is required at all times within close proximity of the dredging areas
470,000 cubic yards of sediment will be removed from the lake...
The removed sediment will be enough to cover a football field 26 stories high
Dredging Wonder Lake will create an additional 100 acres of deeper, cleaner water
Photos taken by Bob Schell

Lake user's need to be aware at all times of the presence of the dredge, dredge pipeline, and other dredging related equipment on the lake. The approximate location of the pipeline, and pipeline crossing points can be found here LINK. In addition, the area of Party Bay available for mooring has been defined by buoys as shown here LINK. The WLPD Marine Patrol will be making sure that lake user's in Party Bay stay within the designated mooring area.


JULY 19 2016 — Due to a number of recent incidents where lake users, and particularly water-skiers & jet-skiers, have at high speed, come dangerously close to the dredge, anchor barges, and booster pump, the MPOA has now initiated a “no-wake” zone in the southern part of South Bay, as shown on the map below, effective immediately.

The northern edge of the no-wake area has been marked with buoys (as shown), but the entire area south of that is now no-wake.

This no-wake condition will remain in place until dredging of South Bay has been completed. The Wonder Lake Marine Patrol has been instructed to ticket anyone not complying with no-wake restrictions, or any other unsafe boating practices.

The MPOA again requests everyone’s cooperation in avoiding the areas of the lake where the dredging equipment and pipeline are located.

Anyone using the designated crossing should remain aware that they need to use extreme caution in making the crossing, operating at a no-wake speed using their motor tilt trim (if available), and that the position of the pipeline may shift vertically depending on whether or not sediment is being pumped through the pipeline at the time of crossing.



WELCOME to the Master Property Owners Association (MPOA) in Wonder Lake, Illinois 60097. The MPOA owns and manages Wonder Lake, a private 830 acre recreational lake located northwest of Chicago. The MPOA office is located at 7602 Hancock Drive, at the northwest corner of Hancock Drive and E. Wonder Lake Road, roughly two miles north of IL Route 120. Do you have a question about the Lake, or need information about the Wonder Lake area? E-mail: office@wlmpoa.org, Phone: (815) 653-1000


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• EROSION CONTROL BARRIERS: Read 2012 Notice to Lake Users


The Wonder Lake Water Ski Show Team won the national team title at the 42nd Indmar Marine Engines Division 1 Show Ski National Championships, presented by Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing, Aug. 12-14, on the Rock River at Traxler Park in Janesville, Wis. Wonder Lake earned high-scoring awards for dock and equipment personnel, pick-up boat crews, towboat driving, showmanship, sound crew total and overall show on its way to tallying a grand total 1,957.94 points and winning its first national title since 2010 and fifth in the history of the event. Read More >


You can take boat safety classes online, at anytime: Boater Exam.com, and Boat-Ed.com are fast and easy and certification cost is $29.95. Persons at least 12 years of age and less than 18 years, without an Adult are required to have a certificate.


Lake users are reminded that MPOA Lake Use Decals MUST be permanently affixed to the watercraft / snowmobile / ATV  to which they are registered, and that they are NOT transferable. The Wonder Lake Police Department Marine Patrol is provided with a list of all MPOA Decal registrants, and the specific type and description of the unit each decal number was issued to. Failure to have your MPOA decal permanently affixed is a ticketable offense.

  • Zero Horsepower (canoe,kayak,rowboat,pedal boat) $10.00
  • 1-39 Horsepower $20.00
  • Over 40 Horsepower and ALL PWC $40.00
  • Winter- $5.00


• Senate Bill 3434 allows for the seizure of a watercraft used in the commission of certain offenses related to operating under the influence. The new rules bring penalties for boating under the influence more in line with those for operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. 

• Senate Bill 3433 requires all persons born after Jan. 1, 1998 to take and pass a boating safety course validated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and hold a valid boating safety certificate before they can operate a motorboat with an engine over 10 horsepower.

• Senate Bill 2731, mandates that the operator of any watercraft that is towing a person, such as a water skier or tuber, must display a bright orange flag measuring not less than 12 inches per side. The flag must be displayed from the time the person to be towed leaves the boat until that person returns to the boat at the conclusion of the activity. 
Under the law, flying the flag for purposes other than towing is prohibited, so be sure to only display the flag when towing.